iStock_000018046348SmallThanks for visiting! I am an author of contemporary, clean romances where you will encounter love, danger, faith, and fears. God has placed a desire in my heart to write exciting yet encouraging stories, where faith is an integral part of the tale and God’s love for all of us is apparent.

The Women of the Winds trilogy (my first series of Contemporary Christian Romances) follows the lives of ordinary women facing extraordinary life challenges. Set in a windy mountain pass that lies between urban Los Angeles and the vast desert to the east, this series is both fun and thrilling to read. The first books in this series will be published by Reader Hill this summer.

 Questions for A.B. Loren:

1. Is A.B. Loren your real name? No, this is a pen name. I actually write books under three names (with a fourth nom de plume planned). The different names are used to help prevent confusion or disappointment for readers.

If you pick up an “A.B. Loren” book, you know that it will be a clean, Christian romance. No spaceships or dragons or super CIA agents. (Not that there is anything wrong with those things- they just aren’t right for an A.B. Loren novel)

For my Fantasy and Science Fiction writings, please visit EricLorenzen.com

For my Business books, please visit GenuineHR.com

2. Are you a Christian? Yes, I am. I became a Christ follower at the age of 18. Now, many years later, I am still amazed by His loving grace.

The Lord is an integral part of my life and I want my romance novels to reflect that fact. I hope you find  my stories entertaining and uplifting.

3. How can you be contacted? You can make comments on almost any page or post on this website, and it will go directly to me. I like to hear from my readers.


Thanks for stopping by!

God bless,

A.B. Loren

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